Mobile Identity

Tap into the intelligence stored with the mobile operator networks to provide real time subscriber identity.

Enable your apps to become smarter at identifying customers.

GlobalCharges’s unique identity product uses information stored within the mobile operator networks to enable your apps to become smarter at identifying customers. Using GlobalCharge your app will automatically detect the mobile phone number associated with the device, creating an enhanced consumer experience and improved security.

Using our deep integration with mobile operator networks we can accurately identify subscribers anywhere in the world based on their handset characteristics.

Offered as a cloud service with an easy to use REST API, this requires no specific hardware or client software to be deployed.

  • Enhance Carrier Billing icon

    Enhance Carrier Billing

    Charging to the end users phone bill via their phone bill ‘carrier billing’ is the most effective means of app monetisation. Current mechanisms for identifying the mobile number are unreliable and do not work when the user is connecting over wifi. This can result in over 50% of transactions failing. Globalcharge’s mobile identity solution detects the user’s mobile number during the transaction thus ensuring that the end user can be billed.

  • Seamless Subscriber Sign-up icon

    Seamless Subscriber Sign-up

    Eliminate friction in the sign up process by removing the need to send a verification SMS/PIN to validate the mobile phone number of the subscriber. On average a subscriber will receive 3 PINs in order to complete a registration. This is costly and results in lost subscribers.

  • Strengthen Application Security icon

    Strengthen Application Security

    Relying on a phone number provided by the consumer and verified only at initial registration raises potential security issues. Security sensitive applications can enhance security by detecting that the mobile number associated with the device has changed –so potentially the user of the device has changed. Alternatively if no mobile number is associated with the phone this may indicate a stolen device.

The mobile phone number is the most important piece of identity information about our users

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