Mobile Payments

Carrier billing allows app developers to charge for digital content by adding the cost of the purchase to the consumer’s phone bill.

GlobalCharge’s carrier billing solutions address the biggest challenges app developers face today, namely: how to make purchasing on mobile easy enough so that people will buy their app and in-app content and how to enable users to pay for content in markets where many do not have credit cards.

  • Convenient Payment Without Credit Card icon

    Convenient Payment Without Credit Card

    The GlobalCharge platform provides a comprehensive payment service for merchants to charge digital for content and services and add it to the user’s phone bill.

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    No registration – No Personal Details

    The phone is seen by many as the payment method of choice. It’s always to hand, simple to use and more convenient than entering card details.

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    Global Reach

    With almost 7 billion mobile subscriptions worldwide there are vastly more mobile phone users than credit card users. Offering your customers phone billing as a payment option will increase conversions and revenues.

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    Increased Conversions – Higher Revenues

    Our simple and intuitive checkout process ensures the highest possible conversions. GlobalCharge delivers conversion rates up to 10x higher than credit card and 5x higher than PayPal.

In-App Billing

GlobalCharge’s In-App Mobile Billing solution allows you to sell digital content from inside your mobile applications. You can use the service to monetise a wide range of digital content for example: digital downloads, access to premium content within freemium applications, virtual goods such as game levels, currency, features, and more.

The platform supports one-time billing for one-off purchases and recurring billing for subscriptions. Subscriptions can be time based or can run indefinitely; you can also offer initial trial periods.

Our checkout process is optimised and localised to the country of the end user. We specialise in making the checkout process as simple and quick as possible for the consumer so we can deliver the best possible sales conversion. Direct refunds are supported wherever these are offered by mobile operators.

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    Optimised 1-Click Checkout

    We specialise in In-App purchases and have worked closely with mobile operators in multiple markets to fine tune our technology to deliver the most seamless checkout experience. Our technology never requires users to input their mobile number or have a PIN number sent via SMS

    • Seamless Operation over WiFi icon

      Seamless Operation over WiFi

      More than 50% of your transactions are likely to be conducted over WiFi so having a great user experience over WiFi is crucial to maximise successful transactions. We have developed unique technology for identifying users on WiFi so your users will see the same checkout process however they access.

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      Simple to Deploy

      Our SDK is simple to deploy and provides you with a single solution to reach a global consumer base.

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      Payforit Accredited

      We are proud to become the first accredited payment intermediary for In-App purchases in the UK.

    Carrier Billing for Internet Enabled Devices


    GlobalCharge enables you to charge to the mobile phone bill for purchases made over any internet connected device from PC to tablet, from smartphone to internet enabled TV. Customers do not need to enter lengthy credit card information or register for an account. They simply enter their mobile numbers in order to pay.

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      Intuitive consumer experience

      Our seamless payment process ensures maximum conversions through a frictionless user experience. The option of white labelling the payment page further enhances the consumer’s trust in the process.

    • No registration – No Personal Details icon

      No registration – No Personal Details

      We present billing pages in local languages and ensure the payment process adheres to regulatory guidelines for each country. We also handle VAT compliance.

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      Global Reach

      We employ in-built logic within the billing process to reduce customer misuse and prevent fraud. Our proprietary checks include velocity and multi-billing restrictions to protect the user and minimise customer service issues. Encrypted communications and private key hashing ensures data authentication and integrity.

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      Increased Conversions – Higher Revenues

      The platform also enables voice billing. For Voice billing, users can pay simply by calling a premium rate number from their home phone or mobile and holding for a set period of time.

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